The Most Popular Playmobil Pirate Ship Sets


The Playmobil brand name stands for a high-quality system toy made in Germany. It invites children from the age of around 5 to dive into strange worlds alone or with siblings and friends and experience wild adventures through creative play. And what adventures could be more exciting than those of wild pirates on the high seas?

Pirates Ahoy!

With the Playmobil pirates, children slip into the roles of adventurous buccaneers. The heart of Playmobil’s extensive pirate world is a battle-tested pirate ship. It was based on a real ship from the 17th century and contains numerous lovingly crafted details. The ship is equipped with several cannons that can really fire. Treasures and provisions can be stowed away in secret hiding places and the attached pirates are armed to the teeth. The special thing about the Playmobil pirate ship is that it can actually swim. This means that pirate adventures can also be experienced in the bathtub or paddling pool. On land, the Playmobil pirate ship runs on wheels. By retrofitting the motor (5536), the Playmobil pirate ship (70411) can even be upgraded to a real RC pirate ship.

Extensions and Smaller Additional Packs

The Playmobil pirate ship playset can grow into a huge pirate world with numerous expansions and smaller add-on packs. Particularly popular here are different versions of large and small treasure islands, additional ships or the pirate fortress. Smaller playsets such as individual pirates, a pirate boat or special cannons are also ideal as gifts or for children’s birthday parties and decorate the pirate world with additional details. Redcoats and soldiers are ready to do battle with the Playmobil pirates. Will they manage to defeat the pirates or will the buccaneers remain the wild rulers of the seas?

To inspire the imagination, children can enjoy numerous pirate stories with the radio play series “die Playmos”. Playmobil has also successfully marketed pirate-themed friend books, bags and key rings.

System Toys for Creative Children

Playing with Playmobil toys encourages children’s creativity and ability to concentrate. They invent stories and can unleash their imagination in free play. All Playmobil playsets can be freely combined with each other thanks to their uniform sizes. This means that the pirates can also perform in the circus, visit the zoo or be teachers at school. This could make for an exciting history lesson when the teacher talks about his pirate adventures.

The Most Popular Playmobil Pirate Ship Sets

Playmobil 70411 Pirates Large Floating Pirate Ship with Cannon
  • Floats on water
  • With working anchor winch
  • Includes 2 working cannons
  • With secret storage compartment on board
  • Complete with 3 figures
Playmobil 71530 Large Pirate Ship
  • Playmobil 71530 Large Pirate Ship
Playmobil - 5810 - Pirate Ship
  • Minimum age: 3 years old
  • Spanish (Publication Language)
Playmobil Burnham Raiders Fire Ship
  • Bayron Burnham and Archibald Blazebow board the Burnham Raiders Fire Ship to continue the battle for control of the Invincibus!
  • The floating fire ship is equipped with two swiveling cannons to launch fire arrows to protect themselves from attacks across the waters
  • The ship's cannons and multi-functional bow arm, which works as both a battering ram and grappling hook, protect the warriors during battle. Turn the ball in the fire bowl to display a world map or a compass to keep the ship sailing in the right direction
  • Set includes Bayron and Archibald from the Burnham Raiders army, fire ship, four fire arrows, armor, and many more accessories. Compatible for the PLAYMOBIL Underwater Motor (#7350 - sold separately)
  • Recommended for ages four to ten years. Warning. Choking Hazard. Contains a small ball and small parts. Not for children under 3 years
Playmobil Redcoat Caravel
  • Patrol the open waters with the Redcoat Caravel
  • The sailors hoist and tighten the sails, ready to track down the enemy
  • Before too long, a pirate raft approaches, ready to plunder the Redcoat's treasures
  • Set includes two redcoat sailors, pirate, ship, raft, cannons with projectile cannonballs, compass, telescope, map, navigational tools, and lots of other accessories
  • Recommended for ages five years and up
Playmobil My Figures: Pirates' Island
  • Ship's ahoy at the busy Pirate's Island!
  • Row out to sea in the wooden row boat or stay on the island to guard the treasure.
  • Mix and match the figures' bodies, heads, legs and arms for over one thousand combinations.
  • With so many options create a figure as unique as you!
  • English (Publication Language)
Playmobil Pirate Treasure Island with Rowboat
  • The pirates hide the treasure in the rocks so no one else can find it.
  • Shoot a cannon ball from the functioning cannon.
  • Both the pirate and skeleton are ready to defend their turf.
  • What do the pirates keep in the well - water or treasure?
Playmobil Roman Warriors' Ship
  • Take the battle to the seas with the Roman warriors' ship
  • Set off the cannons to impede any incoming fire
  • Don't forget to adjust the Sails for rough seas ahead
  • The handy compartment underneath can store any extra supplies
  • This floating boat is perfect for pool or bath-time play, or kids can snap in the rollers to the underside of the boat for floor play!
PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship Building Set
  • Set sail for the high seas with the PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Pirate ship
  • With a bright and colorful design and large, rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set is ideal for toddlers
  • Steer the ship with the rotating wheel or stand on the front of the boat to use the water cannon
  • Simply fill with water, aim, and push the red button to fire! Ship floats for even more playtime fun
  • Set includes two figures, Parrot, treasure, and other accessories
Playmobil Pirate with Cannon 70415 Pirates Playset
  • Figures: 1 pirate, accessories: 1 cannon, 2 bullets, 1 belt, 1 target, 1 axe, 1 torch

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